YouTube now  Supports live Streaming of videos in 4k resolution for both standard and 360 degree videos.You can experience the first piece of 4K live streaming starts with the Game Awards 2016 from 9pm EST on Thursday night in US,  which is 7.30am IST on Friday morning in India. Continue Reading…

VLC is the Most Famous media player application is now play 360 degree video and this feature is still in testing  phase . The developer’s  of  VLC confirmed that, will bring this feature to  user’s at the VLC 3.0 update and  also bring 360 – degree video support to other platforms including mobile devices. Continue Reading…


Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has finally spoken out about his last few years at the software giant. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Ballmer recounts his history at Microsoft and his relationship with Bill Gates over the year, and also blames Surface hardware and phones for the pair falling out. Continue Reading..

Thalaivar is popular. And Chennai-based Love Handle Developers knows this well. The company recently created a game called Twisty Board where a player can step into the shoes of Thalaivar. The game has become so popular that just within weeks, it has found a position in the list of top games in the iOS App Store. Continue Reading..
Today is the day when Google’s Pixel phones truly go on the sale in India. So what are the Pixel and Pixel XL? When Google recently launched the Pixel and the Pixel XL, it sought to highlight one particular aspect of these two phones. The company said that unlike the Google phones of yesteryear, the Pixel and the Pixel XL were designed by Google.  Continue Reading..